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Consulting Services
Thermal Process Consulting and Technology Development

JP Whitney & Associates  consulting team consist of experienced and gifted technologist from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about helping clients by bringing insight, innovation, and experience to realize results.  Engineers, Owners, and Equipment manufactures alike have found our broad based experience and holistic approach the key to their projects success.

Our team of Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial and Civil Engineers can handle all aspects of both large and small projects. We can support customers with turnkey project engineering, management, and procurement, or support any phase of the project our services are needed.


As governments and corporations around the world becomes more cognoscente of the need for sustainability, they are mandating the overhaul or replacement of existing industrial processes with newer "clean technology".  With over 30 patents related to equipment and processes that reduce or eliminate emissions and waste, along with dramatically reducing the use of natural resources, the J.P. Whitney and Associates team of consultants knows Clean Tech inside and out.   We understand that clean technology done right is competitive with, if not superior to, the conventional counterparts.


  • Struggling with which technology is the best for your process?

    • We have experience with a wide variety of different process equipment technologies and understand how different process equipment works and the applicability to your process.


  • Have a refined product or chemical to produce on an industrial scale and need to know how to go about doing it?

    • We have helped clients to scale up to industrial production in some cases through advising on how to outsource and in other cases, how to build the production process from the ground up.


  • Want to increase production in your current plant and not sure about the best way to make that happen or how much it will cost to achieve your increased production goal?

    • Our teams extensive experience with many different process equipment technologys eliminates the trial and error and guess work, allowing you to quickly know which technologies are viable, the ins and outs of those technologies and estimated CAPX and OPEX cost. 


  • Can’t find an off the shelf piece of equipment which fits your needs?

    • Our extensive experience in 3D design, rapid prototyping and product development insures the flexibility of creating a solution when none exist.


  • Need to know what environmental compliance issues you might be facing in your project?

    • Environmental compliance and permitting issues are an integral part of most of the projects we work on.

Want to discuss your project to see which service arrangment would work best for you?

Share information with confidence that it will remain confidential.  For your protection and ours, prior to sharring any technical and business information prepare a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Click the link provided below, fill out the form and email it to 

We provide consuling services in several types of service arrangements:

  • Non-Contract Hourly, Daily, Weekly

  • Contract with Defined Scope and (NTE) Not-to-Exceed Agreement 

  • Fixed Bid Project Consulting Contract

  • Retainer Contract

President Probeck Engineering Company

John and I have collaborated together on many projects over the last twenty years.  His broad skill set and experience are unique in the industry.  John has on many occasions been very helpful at gaining a complete understanding of the problems and solutions encountered in process challenges.  From new project conception and design through troubleshooting and improving existing processes, John offers insightful, imaginative, and unique engineering solutions.  I strongly recommend the JP Whitney & Assoicates consulting team to other businesses as I know they will benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience they have to offer.

Frank Porbeck

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